Real-time demand analytics for the Electricity Utility

RDA is a ready made service for Energy and Utilities providers. Specifically for Electricity sales or Utilities with a direct relationship with the consumer, being a household or business / organisation we have developed the following product offering.

Advanced Analytics for the Electricity Utility

roots are in Finland and an early client for our Real-Time Demand Analytics solution had already been satisfied with our service in financial reporting and trade risk management. Today we have an extended offering through RDA that supports other crucial factors in profitable growth such as managing churn.

Positive outcomes, reducing churn and beyond?

All metering points in Finland now work on hourly based readings, read daily by both the customer online and the supplier, all within a changing environment – bringing great challenges and opportunities. At the end of December 2015 we completed a Proof of Concept for predicting churn to a 95% accuracy. Now entering full implementation within PKS’s business processes to reduce churn considerably going forward by prioritising the identified at risk customers and suggesting a next action (such as customer contact to initiate a tariff change / product migration).

Going forward RDA can be used for integrating and drive next action in terms of marketing automation and demand response activity.

How can RDA support your organisation?

Such predictive customer insights enable tariff optimisation and design too, and can be applied across utilities in electricity, gas and water, with or without smart meter data as we work with a number of sources such as billing and CRM. By incorporating techniques such as text analytics where we can data mine for the marketing and customer care messages from email, social media and other sources.

To discuss your business requirements and technology options contact us here on how RDA is supporting the electricity industry with a ready made scalable industry solution together with a total cost of ownership hosted approach.


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