Real-time demand analytics for District Heating

RDA is a ready made service for Energy and Utilities providers. Specifically for District Heating or Community Heating we have developed the following product offering.

Advanced Analytics for District Heating

Real-Time Demand Analytics (RDA) applied to District Heating creates efficiencies for both the provider and their customers and partners. Ensuring the business customer or home consumer is on the right monthly tariff and that the equipment is correctly configured and maintained. Supporting revenue assurance though correct tariff choice with the added benefit of customer satisfaction.

RDA for District Heating is a rapidly deployable, fully hosted solution that analyses consumption data to give concluding outcomes such as to trigger a tariff change / sales negotiation or maintenance ticket to configure the equipment.


How do we do it?

Starting with segmentation and clustering modelling based on customer information (CRM, CIS and/or Billing). Integrating the smart meter data (MDMS) with RDA we can model behaviour by individual usage place by creating and using clusters (similar to benchmark techniques).

Using the RDA model we look at measures or Key Performance Indicators such as active power (energy consumption per hour etc.), supply and return temperature (cooling effect), active water flow provide useful insights- the ‘on demand hot water’ (e.g. showering), space heating needs and relationships with outside temperature.

Within each cluster we can support creating offerings for new segment types we see emerging such as those locations solely heated by district heating or who have for example added a ground pump or solar heating system. In the case of the later for example the utility may want to offer a dashboard to their customers showing all consumption across electricity, gas, water and of course district heating, which is part of the capabilities of RDA for Energy & Utilities.

Positive Outcomes

RDA provides real-time insights to the customer behaviour and performance of the heat systems. RDA is able to predict next outcomes such as recommending if the business or consumer contract should be renegotiated or if the property maintenance management provider should be alerted.

Customer Case Studies – Examples of how RDA can help District Heating

Previously it was common practice for District Heating providers to agree an estimate with the consumer and offer a monthly fixed fee reviewed only annually. With RDA the provider will receive clear results with Key Performance Indicators in order to put the consumer on the correct tariff from month to month or rapidly support selling a configuration or maintenance action. By separating space heating from on demand hot water, using RDA such advanced analytics based on hour based consumption is helping the District Heating provider to create more accurate forecasts for planning purposes.

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Positive Outcome

Now we know the usage and behaviour we have a happy customer on the best value tariff and have allocated capacity accurately

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  • What hybrid heating systems are at the customer location?
  • What part of the total energy usage is used for space heating vs hot water?
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Data Sources

Customer Information Meter Data Outside Temperature

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